It amazes me how fast time goes by I still can't believe I was in Key West with my wife in June 2019. I'll never forget the night that we were having drinks at a great bar in Key West and we noticed that the cheap paper straw was disintegrating in one of her drinks. I thought we needed a second option because my wife wasn't happy with the paper straw. The Bar then offered her a metal straw with the logo of the bar on the metal straw. The best part of the metal straw is it worked great and it was good for the environment.  That really made my wife so happy.   It was then she told me we need to create these for everywhere!!!! Moreover, we both found it amazing that it will help make a difference to our planet. We both saw the positive impact these different earth friendly straw options can offer and it was then we created Positive Straw Company and we are grateful to share with the world. 

Our goal was not only create metal or even paper but we realized that we wanted every option of Biodegradable straws available so we can bring it to you. We currently have great earth friendly cost effective options of Hay, Silicone, Metal, Bamboo, Wheat and Paper for those who don't mind that solution.  We are working on other options as long as it's good for the environment.

With my current business Segal Solutions working with restaurants, bars, schools, churches and more now I have an additional straw variety to share with my current clientele as well as Promotional Products to help promote your company.

Positive Straw Company is proud to make a difference to our beautiful planet one straw at a time!🌻